website icons-01Logo & Brand Identity
Creating an effective logo is an art form.  Your logo should embody the essence and values of your brand, while being one-of-a-kind and timeless. We design logos and brand identity that sync up and play off one another, attracting who you want to reach.


website icons-08Packaging
First impressions are important and when it comes to products they are paramount.  Consumers make split-second decisions each time they walk down a grocery aisle.  For 15+ years, we have been focused on consumer-packaging design that makes a lasting impression on supermarket shoppers and keeps them coming back.


website icons-02Illustration
Coming from an art background, GardenHaus co-founder Ben Garthus can create custom, hand-drawn illustrations that fit the personality and tone of your brand.



website icons-03Marketing Materials
Once we arrive at your brand’s identity, the next step is to design the necessary supporting materials based on your company’s needs:


·  Business Cards & Stationery
·  Postcards & Brochures
·  Websites
·  POS Displays
·  Event Banners
·  Tradeshow Booths



website icons-06Market Research & Positioning
We’ll break down your competitive landscape and get to know your target audience inside and out.  This is the stuff that gets us going; we’ve been doing it for over a decade now.



website icons-07Content Creation & Copywriting
Messaging is not just about the catchy tagline these days.  The wall between brands and consumers is quickly crumbling and becoming more of a dialogue.  Content strategies now have more places to roam – on blogs, at events, in email, on Instagram, etc. Each channel has its own language and we speak the lingo.


website icons-04Social Media Consulting
What makes social media effective is your unique voice and we get that.  With that in mind, we can offer tactics and strategies to build your audience and have your voice be heard by the right people. We have experience organically growing followers and fans for both small and large brands.


website-iconsNewsletter & Email Campaign Strategy
Given the variety of communication channels available to us nowadays, email is still one of the most direct pathways to reach an audience. We have designed and built effective email campaigns using the industry’s leading tools: Mailchimp, Marketo and Sailthru.